32+ Marvelous Bohemian Living Room Ideas

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The bohemian or boho chic is all the craze nowadays. Characterized by colorful decorations and gorgeous printed cloth, this trend is all about being who you are and breaking social conventions. Anything goes when it comes to boho aesthetics. You are free to combine any color, prints, or style as you wish. This spirit makes a bohemian living room looks at the same time fun and cozy.

However, it is obvious that you cannot just combine any look to get a bohemian feel. You have to consider carefully the design elements you want to use to decorate your room. This is not easy if you do not have any design experience. But here are some marvelous bohemian living room ideas that you can try at home. You can use them for your inspiration.

Firstly, you can combine a mostly monochromatic living room with bohemian decor. If you have white walls and a black floor, do not be afraid to add bright colors and printed fabrics. The contrast between the colors of the wall and the floor creates a bold contrast. Drape patterned blankets on the sofa and add a striped runner that spills on the floor to create a splash of fun to the room. To inject even more life to this already lively room, you can add house plants.

If you want to try bohemian style, but you do not like bright colors and too much patterns, you can still do it. The trick is to use wooden floor and a neutral color palette. Black, white, brown, and beige are great for this look. Add house plants to add green to the earthy shades. Opt for natural textures like woolen fabric. Alternatively, you can use simpler patterns in black and white for upholstery and rug for your living room.

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