35+ Gorgeous Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

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There are several things that you should be paying attention during styling your kitchen among all of them is choosing what kind of kitchen cabinet to install. You need to choose the right cabinet for your kitchen because what kind of cabinets that you pick will give a huge impact towards the appearance of your kitchen as well as the feel of your kitchen. Therefore, here are some gorgeous farmhouse kitchen cabinets ideas for you that you could use as references.

Lightly Rustic Off-White Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet – This lightly rustic off-white farmhouse kitchen cabinet is perfect for you guys who want to have a cozy farmhouse style to your not so big kitchen. The pearly white kitchen cabinets and the classic white sink are succeeded to make your kitchen feels bigger than it actually is. To further the rustic vibes, you could add butcher’s block table top as well as silver drawers to your kitchen.

Grayscale Shiplap Cabinets – Another gorgeous farmhouse kitchen cabinets ideas that you could try is combining industrial as well as modern style. The modern style here could you get from the grayscale with their perfect straight lines. Meanwhile, the industrial farmhouse vibes here you could get from the shiplap as well as the industrial lighting that balance everything out perfectly. To complete the look, you could add open shelving along with stainless steels kitchen appliances.

Vintage Victorian Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets – Another gorgeous farmhouse kitchen cabinets ideas for you to try is vintage Victorian farmhouse kitchen cabinets. This design is marked with alluring finished wood cabinets and oversized clean white sink. To give this design some depths you could opt to use bright blue part of the cabinets and subtly raised countertop right below the farmhouse style dish rack. To further the Victorian farmhouse style you could add a clean white stone countertops.

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