60+ Elegant Fresh And Cool Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas On A Budget

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Arrange the bathroom to be a minimalist one so that every stuff can be load in a small room is like a puzzle. We have to make sure that we can do a mix match between the size of the room and the kinds of stuff that you should put in your small bathroom. There are some ways to make your small bathroom remodel ideas on a budget to be perfect. And here are some tips on how to make your small bathroom.

Install a showerhead

Nowadays the shower has so many various models, the solution for the small bathroom ideas is installing showerhead without a hose. A shower that installed in the ceiling of the bathroom, it will make more spacious and modern at the same time. Plus, it will be more efficient than a shower in general.

The formation of a shower, toilet, and sink

Due to the limited space, you have to be smart to get around the formation of bathroom equipment. The most simple formation is to put the shower, toilet, and sink in one straight line. This thing also makes it easy to regulate clean water channels and dirty water. And do not forget to limit the shower with a partition, and choose a simple partition divider. You can add mirror partition between the shower with a toilet or sink.

Bathroom Floor

You can change your bathroom floor according to your likes and mood or the atmosphere that you want to build. Rather than using ceramic which too common, you can try to find ceramic with the current model nowadays. For example, ceramic with the shape of hexagonal or you can choose ceramic with the patterns of mosaic.

Choose a maximum of two main colors

The wrong color selection can make a small room look more cramped. This thing can happen when you choose the wrong color for the bathroom. The selection of the color for the bathroom is not complicated. You only need to choose two main colors. You can use basic colors such as white, black and brown. These three colors can make your bathroom look clean, comfortable, with a wide


Now you should take action to make your small bathroom remodel design on a budget. You can use some of the tips that have been mentioned above. And you can also find other tips to make your bathroom more minimalist with the elegant design.

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