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Winter is coming, which means Christmas is here in no time. It is time to get your decorations out and make your house look beautiful to welcome the holidays. This year, other than decorating just the interior of your home, why not deck your entryway as well?

No matter what kind of house you have, be it big or small, you must have an entryway. Whether what you have is a luxurious foyer or just a door that opens directly to your one bedroom apartment, it does not matter. What matters is that you make it warm and welcoming. Especially because it is the first part of your home that your guests see. Here are some beautiful farmhouse Christmas entryway designs that you can try yourself.

Firstly, get a rustic wooden box to put in your entryway. Deck it with faux pine leaves and red ball ornaments for a festive feel. Put also a small decorated Christmas tree which you can easily get from Walmart.

If you have a foyer, place a small table there. On the table, you can put Christmas candles. Put a board with a holiday message on the wall above it. Get woven rattan buckets to add more rustic feel to your beautiful farmhouse Christmas entryway. You can fill the buckets with a small Christmas tree and gifts.

But if you do not have much space for your entryway, you can still adorn what little space you have. Get a white hanging rack and place it on the wall near your door. Place decorative letters that spell out “Joy”, “Noel”, or other festive messages on the rack. Hang a wreath nearby and place other decorations on the rack. Now you have your own beautiful farmhouse Christmas entryway even if you do not have a big space.

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