Top 100+ Diy Spring & Easter Decoration Ideas

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Making DIY spring and Easter decoration ideas is a very exciting thing. There are various types of ideas that you can choose to decorate your door in spring and Easter. Unique and attractive decoration will make your room seem comfortable and unique. Here are the top 100+ DIY spring and Easter decoration ideas you should know.

1.Spring and Easter Basket Ideas

The idea of making decoration during spring and Easter is an obligation. If you want to decorate your door, try to choose spring and Easter ideas. The thing you need to do is very easy. First, try to find a mini wooden basket that you can hang at your door. Then, fill the basket with various types of flowers and colorful eggs.

2.Spring Flower Wreath

This idea can also be one of the most interesting ideas for you to apply to your room during spring Easter. All you have to do to make this idea is to try to find a circular object then cover the thread using a thread then, add flowers around the yarn and a ribbon to hang the spring flower wreath on your door.

3.Paper Butterfly Wreath

If you usually make a paper butterfly and place it on your wall for wall decoration, try to make a paper butterfly wreath. The method is quite easy to make the paper butterfly wreath. Try to find a small wire, then form a circle. Then, put some paper butterfly on the wire before you hang it on your door.

4. Colorful Easter Egg Wreath

Easter is identical to eggs. That is why many people choose to use egg decoration as one of the Easter decoration ideas. If you want to make your door attractive during Easter, you can choose this idea. What you need to do is prepare some colorful eggs and then make them form a wreath. You can also add color ribbons to beautify your colorful Easter eggs.

5. Easter Door Umbrella Decoration

If you have an umbrella that you don’t use, try to use it as a decoration for your door as spring Easter decoration. You only need to prepare your umbrella then tie the top half of the umbrella using the ribbon. At the bottom of the umbrella, fill it with some plants, flowers, and colored eggs that will beautify your door decorations.

6. Flash in The Bottle Ideas

The last idea you can choose is that you can use a used glass bottle filled with flowers to decorate your door. How to make this idea is very easy. Your crew prepare a few used glass bottles, then fill the hotel with water. After all the glass bottles are filled with water, put some flowers into it. In addition to making your door attractive, your room will also be fresh as your Easter decoration.

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