17+ Cozy Home Office Makover Ideas

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Nowadays, working is not only in the office, but also it can be at home. Besides there so many co-working space and coffee shop that exists right now and is made to accommodate the workers to do their works with some additional various facilities, the office right now also gives the discretion to the workers for doing their works from home. It is commonly called as “remote working”.

Nowadays there are so many houses that completed with a workspace. If you want to make a home office in your home, you can read these tips to create a home office that is comfortable in your home.

Before making your home office ideas, it is better for you to measure the size of the room that you will make it for the home office. Take attention in the position of the windows, doors, electrical installation, lamps, and phone cables. After that, you can make the sketch and the design for your home office.

After your home office already built, now it is time to fill your home office with some furniture. For the minimalist home office, you can choose the furniture that really needed, such as an office table, office chair, and cupboard or storage room. But if you a large space for your home office, you can add lounge chairs and side tables, or maybe you can add a sofa to accept the guests.

Besides furniture, you can also add some accessories to your home office. You can put paintings, family photos, a carpet, and ornamental plants. Some of the ornamental plants can be placed in the corner of the room. The ornamental plants that can be placed in your home offices, such as terrarium and mini cactus.

The tips to create a comfortable home office in your home is that by using natural lighting. Try to place your office table near the window. Besides making your home office room more healthy because of the sunlight, having a home office with natural lighting also save your electricity expenditure. You can also add curtains in your window so that the window can be closed at night. If you want to use a lamp, make sure you use a white lamp.

For the final touch of your home office ideas, you can add some personal kinds of stuff in there. It is different from the office that you cannot design as you want, but this is a chance for you to create a home office that represents your character and personalities. And make sure that your home office can motivate you to be productive.

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