25 Beautiful Small Toilet Design Ideas For Small Space in Your Home

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Being small doesn’t mean that a toilet or bathroom can’t be beautiful. From storage options to finishes, even your smallest bathroom can look beautiful. Do not limit yourself, if you are into the modern clean cut finish or you are a fan of traditional style, there are many ways to style your bathroom.

If you think to have beautiful small toilet design is difficult, then you are wrong. If you think that only a huge bathroom can be stylized, you wrong again. A small toilet or bathroom can be as beautiful as you want it to be. You just need to know-how.

Small toilet ideas
1. Glass
Put frameless panels made of glass in the walk-in shower plus white marble used for the wall tiles can give the illusion that the bathroom more spacious than it really is.
2. Hexagonal
Use hexagonal tiles everywhere in the bathroom, on the wall and also on the bathtub. The hexagonal will add character without overwhelming what already small space.
3. Paint effects.
To create an illusion of height in a low and small bathroom, in small toilet design paint is our buddy. Put darker paint in the half down of the bathroom walls. By lowering eyesight to the lower part of the wall, you will farther your sight from the upper part and create a distance. By having more than one color we create depth to the small bathroom as well as making it more beautiful with colors.
4. Mounted taps
With the taps mounted to the wall, the pipe can be hidden inside the wall and you do not need basin pedestal. The freed space can be used for something else like putting laundry basket.
5. Keeping it simple
The best way the mak small bathroom feels large is to not stuffing it with too many things. Make things simple, keep it minimal with the pattern, hang the towels on hooks, throw away empty bottles immediately, those kinds of things. You can also put the glass door rather than a shower curtain and use glossy tiles for the floor or walls which will reflect lights.
6. Play with tiles
We can trick the eyes by playing with perception and boundaries. We can put the same tile on the side of the bath with the wall, this way it is not clear where the limit is and make space feel larger.

Those are some small toilet design that will not only make your toilet and bathroom looks good but also appear larger.

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