25 Best Indoor Herb Pots and Planters to Add Flavor to Any Home

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A herb garden might be the best investment you can make. It will add value to your life in many ways. Herbs do not take up much of your time or space. They are easy to maintain and can thrive in indoor herb pots and planters. They will make your air feel fresher and more fragrant. Lastly, fresh herbs make your food taste better.

Herb gardening can be a new pastime for you. Even the most beginner of gardeners can grow herbs. You do not need any huge space as you can grow them indoor. Here are some ideas for indoor herb pots and planters to add flavor to any home.

The simplest way to start a herb garden is by getting a huge pot. Put the pot in an empty corner and let herbs grow on them.

But if you do not have a space on the floor, you can use your vertical space. Why not get hanging indoor herb pots and planters? Prepare small pots and plant herbs on them. Then, get macrame hangers to hang them up your counters. You can even make these macrame hangers yourself.

Another space you can utilize is your bookshelves. More than just a place for your books, you can also put your indoor herb pots and planters there. Get small pots to plant herbs and place them on your bookshelves, preferably by the window.

Alternatively, if you have a nice, big window, you might as well put your houseplants and herbs there. Place a curtain rod across your windows. Use it to hang your indoor herb pots and planters.

But if you really have limited space, you can use hanging indoor herb pots and planters. You can just mount them on the wall, and voila! You have your vertical herb garden.

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