25 Good DIY Farmhouse Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

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What does it take to create a farmhouse living room? A farmhouse style still becomes the favorite of many homeowners. It revokes the nostalgic feeling and comfort without losing the appealing. In this article, we will show you the tips on how to nail the farmhouse style in a living room with decorative elements for the walls.

The wall decoration is supposed to match the whole look of the room. It does not have to be new or fancy because you can even make a used door for the wall decor if necessary. If a door is too big, you can try to make wooden grids with an unfinished finish and put it horizontally on the wall.

Put a flower wreath on top of the wooden grids. Voila, you have your first wall decor to create a farmhouse living room. It is also important to watch the color palette. Rustic colors are patterns that would work well with a farmhouse style. Another way to decor your wall in the living room with a farmhouse style is by installing wicker baskets on the wall.

The baskets are different in size and you can arrange it vertically on one side of the television. Meanwhile, you can hand framed pictures of flowers or leaves on another side. The look will be perfectly nailed by locating a rustic tv stand.

You can also use a recycled window display with a wreath for the wall. It works just like the first tip we have told you above. To nail the style, you can pair it with a wooden shelf to place vases with flowers in it.

On the other hand, you need to pair the decor with other elements like flooring materials, textiles, and so on in the room. Any decor could work well in a farmhouse style. It takes modesty to create a farmhouse living room.

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