33+ Awesome Farmhouse Wall Decor Ideas

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Are you bored of your old and boring farm house wall decor? Well, don’t worry though because you could update your current style with, whether your project will be small or big. Especially when you want to design the warm, lovely, and amazing farmhouse of your dreams, then you could look in to these awesome farmhouse wall decor ideas as your references.

Home Sweet Home – Many people said that home is wherever your heart is. Therefore, you could hang this very charming farmhouse wall sign in your entry way to greet your guests with a sense of lovely farmhouse style. You could make the letter O from the words home from a boxwood wreath, so it will bring whimsy and warmth element to your farmhouse wall decor.

Faux Fireplace – Another awesome farmhouse wall decor ideas that you could try is that by creating a faux fireplace to your farmhouse. Moreover, this faux fireplace could give you a sense of homey and cosy feeling to your room. Furthermore, to bring out more of rustic feeling to your farmhouse you could add a dark wood mantel to your room. Beside that, the dark wood mantel also could be use as shelf to put some kind of farmhouse accessories such as lantern and potted plants.

Wall of Memories – You could definitely add your family photograph as your farmhouse wall decor. Surely, it will bring out the homey feeling to your house. You could hang your favourite family photograph with wire photo clips and then make your memories into decoration on your farmhouse wall.

A Modern Mix – Another awesome farmhouse wall decor ideas that you could use as reference is mix modern. You could make a gallery wall to make your farmhouse decor looks more lively. You could choose your favourite quotes, photographs, and arts in different kind of style, and size to bring out the modern touch your farmhouse wall.

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