35 Good Urban Farmhouse Master Bedroom Makeover Ideas

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Farmhouse house design is an attractive design for many people. This design is very supportive of modern people today who like traditional concepts. Also, the design of the farmhouse is known for its rustic aspects which add to its traditional impression. If you intend to makeover your home with the concept of an urban farmhouse, you can start with your bedroom. The bedroom is the most personal room, so you can freely decorate your bedroom with your favorite concepts.

The first thing you must understand if you want to apply the concept of a farmhouse master bedroom is that this concept can be applied in all types of environments. The environment here is more towards rural and urban areas. The farmhouse is indeed synonymous with traditional concepts in rural areas. However, that does not mean this concept cannot be applied in urban areas. In this modern era, the concept and design of the room are not familiar with rural and urban areas; all concepts can be applied anywhere.

In making bedroom makeover ideas a farmhouse concept, all you have to do is choose the right furniture. The concept of rustic and shabby is the main characteristic of farmhouse design. Then choose furniture that emphasizes both of these concepts. You can buy furniture in old goods stores to get an authentic rustic impression. However, if there are difficulties, there are also many modern furniture that is designed with a rustic concept, such as a cupboard. So you do not need to be confused looking for furniture with a feel of a farmhouse.

The thing you need to pay attention to next is a matter of color selection. In farmhouse bedroom ideas, color is the key and you cannot choose carelessly. The farmhouse style is synonymous with bright and bright colors. So, choose a color with a similar tone. White, gray, yellow, light blue, light brown, light cream are the recommended colors if you want an authentic farmhouse atmosphere.

Lighting and air circulation are also important in bedroom makeover ideas with the concept of a farmhouse. The original farmhouse was built with wooden elements and usually had large windows that faced the sun. This concept must be applied to your bedroom. You do not need to make a bedroom wall of wood, but make sure the airflow to and from the room is very smooth like a house made of wood. Install a large window and face the sunrise to get the maximum farmhouse effect.

The last thing you should pay attention to in the farmhouse bedroom ideas is the selection of accessories in your bedroom. Choose accessories with wooden materials so that your bedroom will have the impression of a farmhouse. Materials that are knitted in the design are also good accessories. Carpets and lampshades are knitted applications to choose from (knitted fabrics and knitted rattan).

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