35 Simple Rustic Bar Design

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Rustic bar design is a bar designed without too many features that are modern, flashy or decorative. There are few essentials to use and a simple and quite plain style and you create a simple rustic bar. Wood is the most common element to be used in making a rustic bar. Usually it is more likely to used unpolished wood, however, some people also choose the varnished wood. To build a bar, first, you need to think about where you are going to put the table and the cabinet for the collection and the glasses.
Small rustic bar design

A small corner in your house will do. It is better to turn the empty corner into a more functional one. Make a small rustic bar in an easily accessible space like at the end of the stairs or the basement. The wood is used in the whole thing will make a small rustic home bar.

DIY rustic bar
Instead of a shelving system to display the wine collection, the bar has a cabinet system. The cabinet is used to store the bottles and glasses. Wines can be displayed in a bar platform. And the back portion of the bar is built by wood to give it a more rustic vibe.
Rustic Industrial
The combination of unpolished wood as the stable foundation and modern design of the rest of the bar making the bar has mixed vibes.
Rustic circular bar
A different design of the bar with the circular table and seats around it can totally awe anyone. The middle of it has an opening for the bartender and the cabinet system is curved so it can go with the circular shape of the table.
Curved Rustic Bar
Inspired by the design of the western saloon, the curved bar is created. The swinging door makes it a complete western saloon feeling. This home bar using a polished wood making it feel like a rustic western.
Custom Rustic bar
The custom design is made traditionally with the shelvings for the wine collections. The table is on a wide platform that gives an ancient feeling to the rustic bar.
Rustic basement bar

The use of wood and log as the main materials gives the basement bar a total rustic vibe. You can put a mirror in the back part of the bar for the space illusion.
Those example of rustic bar design is suitable for the small area you have at your house. You can choose the design based on what you like and the space that you have.

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