36+ Cool Pallet Christmas Decorating Ideas

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Winter is coming, which means Christmas will be here soon. Time to get your Christmas decorations out! But this year, why not add a twist in your Christmas decorating?

Other than your usual holiday decorations that your family already have stored in the attic, you can make use of lost wooden pallets. These wooden pallets are cheap, and even free. However, you can recycle them to create your own decorations. Without spending money on more decor, you can add life and variety with these cool pallet Christmas decorating ideas.

If you do not have space or budget for a Christmas tree, you can make your own rustic trees from wooden pallets. Shape them in the form of Christmas trees. Decorate each tier of the trees with napkins, ribbons, paints, and other ornaments. It is also great for a front porch Christmas decoration.

Alternatively, you can use wooden pallets to make decorative boards. Use them as the base and add letters (also carved from the same material) that spell out Christmas-y messages such as “Joy”. Again, you can paint the letters to add more holiday festive vibes to the board. You can place this board on your front porch or hang it above your chimney. You can also string fairy lights along the board to make it merrier.

For the centerpiece of your Christmas lunch or dinner table, you can also make use of this recycled material. Use wooden pallets to make a box that you can fill with ornaments such as candles, greenery, berries, or other decorations.

Advent calendars are making their way back to the Christmas decorating trends. So why not make your own calendars from wooden pallets? Get a bare pallet as a base. Cut other pallets into smaller pieces to mark out the days leading to Christmas.

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