40 Good DIY Backyard Gazebo Design and Decorating Ideas

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Few things are more calming than relaxing in a gazebo or taking a scenic walk through a pergola. If you have a large backyard, you should get a gazebo as well. You can even build your own as there is not a shortage of good DIY backyard gazebo design and decorating ideas on the internet.

Gazebos come in a large variety of space. Usually, a gazebo has an octagonal structure. However, nowadays there are square, hexagonal or circular gazebo. A gazebo is great for a private refuge, such as an outdoor jacuzzi or a sheltered area. But if you do not have a space for gazebo, you can also build a pergola or deck for your backyard.

A gazebo is usually built of wood, with open sides with a covered roof. This backyard gazebo design is great for a farmhouse style home with a spacious backyard. For decoration, you can hang fairy lights. They do not only look romantic at night, they also provide light source.

If you are on a budget, you can get a more affordable, but less permanent gazebo. A less permanent gazebo is usually made of aluminium, is lighter and can be assembled in a short time. This backyard gazebo design is not permanent but still adds beauty to your backyard.

If gazebos are not suitable for your home, you might want a pergola. A pergola consists of an open lattice as well as posts that support cross beams. They form a shaded area, which can be a walkway or a sheltered deck.

To decorate your pergola, you can let vines grow on them. The vines will in turn create a shade that lets you cool down and relax underneath. You can even add an overhead heater so that you can still use it during winter.

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