45 Good Industrial Style Bedroom Design

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The industrial interior design is commonly applied in spacious areas. This interior design is identical to iron and concrete materials and has cold and masculine impressions. Not only suitable to be applied in a living room and family room, but this industrial interior design is also perfect to be applied in a bedroom. If you are interested to decorate your bedroom with industrial interior design, there are some ideas that you can try. First, choose grey exposed concrete walls to bring a cool impression. Combine it with wooden floors in order to give a little bit of warmth. The combination of these 2 materials will make your bedroom interior looks gorgeous.

If industrial style bedroom design is usually dominated with grey or brown, there is nothing wrong if you want to dominate your industrial bedroom with white. Even though it is different, you can still accentuate the characteristics of the industrial design by installing white exposed brick walls and placing a big standing lamp. Decorate the walls with your favorite quotes. Do you want to have a swag industrial design in your bedroom? Then, you can make the ceilings exposed. By applying the exposed concept to the ceiling, your bedroom will be cooler and look more spacious.

When it comes to the industrial interior design, this interior design often uses cable pipes and air ducts as decorations. It is because this design is the adaptation of the interior of factories and warehouses. So, you can try this idea if you want to decorate your bedroom with the industrial style. Choose grey concrete walls and floors to create the cold impression. You can also make your bedroom looks masculine by dominating the room with wood materials. Choose wood materials for floors and furniture. Are you ready to try those ideas above?

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