50 Astonishing Modern Backyard Landscaping Design Ideas

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Making outdoor backyard landscaping absolutely will make the good vibes for the owner of the house. For the owner who love nature and architecture, this design is of course important. Modern backyard landscaping is not only a place of observation but also as a place to relish the moment. A place full of greenery absolutely will be a great place to take the rest.

Making the landscapes in a modern style certainly requires attention to some things. The location where the design will certainly affect. If the landscape to be designed is the front yard of the house, then the design must present a “welcoming” atmosphere and by the exterior of the house so that they complement each other. But it will be different for the backyard landscape of the house. The most important part, which is backyard must be useful for rest form all the activities. The design also must be ensured not to make people feel cramped or cramped inside.

The backyard landscaping design ideas for a house was designed with its use in mind. For homeowners who have children aged 3 years and 9 months, the yard is designed for child growth and development. The existence of an open play area is a good place for children’s growth. The playful design is applied by designing simple and modern terraced grass. The grass area can be used to play safely by children. There are also lounges and benches where parents can relax or watch their children play.

The modern approach to the garden in the backyard of this house looks beautiful and natural. A wooden plank fence is given so that this area still feels private. The existence of a deck in this area shows the division of space. In addition to leveling, the presence of bushes is a limiting area for relaxation and gathering areas. The small spa pool is enough to cool off when you are tired from working all day.

The backyard design of Jack Merlo in collaboration with Catt Architects has blurred the inside and outside lines of the house. Modern and also neatly arranged visible in this house. The pool is surrounded directly by paving stone floors. The pool floor is designed darker so that it displays a pool color that looks elegant. Plants and trees are designed simply around this page. The existence of gardenias and jasmine plants gives a pleasant aroma.

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