60 Awesome Micro Apartment Layout Ideas on A Budget

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Do you want everything you want or everything you wish can be fit in your apartment? Unfortunately, space does not allow that, so you must be smart and keep it as simple as possible. There are so many apartment layout ideas for a micro apartment that can help you manage everything inside.

The loft is the best solution for your apartment extra space. The loft is an open area or space under the roof and accessed by a ladder. Loft usually used to store things or belongings, but now it can be anything that you want, for example for living room, work office, additional bedroom, kid’s playroom, or a mini-library. If you have this, then you can save and use the space properly. If you want it to be a bedroom, then you can just put a bed and a few drawers. You can also put a small table. Wall lamps are recommended. Always remember to put useful things.

Still confused about what kind of apartment layout can save your space? The choice of the stair is also important. Ultra-compact staircases are the new invention to save some space in your small flat. Recently, there is a new invention that about flipped staircases. This ladder will be positioned next to the wall. It will be flipped to the wall. There is also a bookshelf staircase that is indeed multifunctional and becomes a space saver.

Ever heard about multipurpose furniture? It is an amazing innovation to save space. Sofa beds come with different mechanisms and sizes. You can turn it into a sofa or bed. How about having a multifunctional mirror? When you already finish mirroring, then you can open the mirror and see a shelf, it can be your secret make up box or perfumes. A multifunctional poster can become a table, how come? You need to flip it by pulling the “posters” and it will become a table. It can flip because there are hinges. Can you imagine when your chair can become a ladder? It is not an imagination anymore, now you can buy or create your own chair-ladder. The mechanism is usually only be flipped up or down and a little bit pulling out the ladder under the chair.

Those are the small apartment ideas that can be your inspiration or solution for your little-spaced room. With a lot of new innovations, everything can have its way and help you to make your life easier.

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