65 Inspiring Minimalist Living Room Design Ideas

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The minimalist design is one of the most popular designs nowadays. By bringing the less is more concept, the minimalist design removes unimportant elements and prioritizes functions without removing styles. Minimalist design is suitable to be applied in any room, including a living room. If you want to simply and easily design your living room with minimalist style, you can just opt for a monochromatic theme. For example, you can paint the walls white and combine it with black window frames. Choose a simple yet elegant decorative furniture, such as a round wooden table. Combine the table with a long beige sofa.

If you want to make your minimalist living room looks more spacious, dominate the room with white. Place big glass windows as the lighting source. Then, place a wide beige carpet to create a cozy atmosphere to your living room. Add a colorful sofa with a mosaic pattern so that your living room will not look boring and plain. The colorful can also be a decorative focal point in the room. Another idea is combining black, beige, white, and brown. The combination of those colors will create calming and comfortable nuances. Use textile materials to bring a cozy atmosphere. Place a shiny lamp table on a small round table to create modernity in the living room.

You can also combine the minimalist style with other styles, such as the vintage style. For example, place a vintage rug in the living room in order to bring a little bit touch of vintage style. The minimalist design is identical to simplicity and modernity. But it does not mean that you are not allowed to apply more than one tones. You can also use other bright colors besides soft colors. The key to this simple design is the use of functional and important elements.

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