75 Good Easy Bathroom Remodel Organiation Ideas

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The bathroom, like other rooms in your home, has an important role and function. The bathroom is a room that makes you like a new person; you enter the bathroom in a state that looks dirty, and you will come out with a new condition (clean and fragrant). However, sometimes in planning, making a bathroom is not done seriously. If you want to create a new atmosphere in your bathroom, then you have to do an easy bathroom remodel.

To give a new impression in your bathroom, you can consider using a modern concept in your bathroom. The use of ceramics on your floor and wall is the best option to make your bathroom look modern. Choose the same ceramic color tone to be applied on the floor and the wall. If you want to apply ceramic on the wall for the bathroom remodel, you can apply it from the bottom to the top to all parts of the wall or only half the height of the wall in each part of the wall.

The next concept for the bathroom remodel ideas is to install a cabinet or wall shelf in your bathroom. This will make it easier for you and other bathroom users to find various toiletries, such as additional towels, toothbrushes, and toothpaste. You can also put decorations or other accessories on this cabinet or wall shelf, such as aromatherapy candles so that your bathing activities are more fun and relaxed.

If you want a bathroom that is richer in functionality, you can add a cabinet in your bathroom with the bathroom vanity function. The bathroom, today, is not just a place for you to bath; you can also grooming in the bathroom as well. Install vanity with many drawers to store various toiletries and grooming equipment. Don’t forget to install glass to help you when grooming. To add functions, you can add a sink in your bathroom vanity as the best functionality option in bathroom remodels.

Is your bathroom spacious or narrow? If it is spacious, you can use a bathtub and shower in your bathroom. If your bathroom is classified as narrow, then choose one, bathtub or shower. However, it is strongly recommended to use the shower in a narrow bathroom for bathroom remodel ideas. This is caused by the shower does not take up much space because it is applied to the wall and will make your bathroom more spacious.

Another addition to easy bathroom remodeling if you use a shower is to use a shower partition made of glass. This will make your bathroom more elegant and modern. Avoid using a curtain partition because this will bother you; curtains easily get wet and have to be washed often.

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