75+ Handsome Floor Lamps Ideas for your Living Room

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Lighting is an important element in interior design. Good lighting will make the important areas of your home look more spacious and inviting. Other than ceiling lighting, why not add floor lamps? Using a floor lamp along with other light sources, such as ceiling lamps and natural lights, will make light become more evenly dispersed through your room. This will make your space look brighter and bigger. This trick is particularly good for smaller spaces.

A floor lamp can be used in any room at your home, especially your living room. The living room is an important part of your home. Especially in modern housings, where space is limited and the living room becomes the place for many activities. To create a better lighting for your living room, you can follow these handsome floor lamp ideas.

Firstly, you should never be afraid of combining more than one source of lighting. This is especially so in a small, minimalist room. Not only do the lights make the room look bigger and brighter, they also add an element of decoration. Pick a statement sculptural floor lamp to bring life to your otherwise bare floors and walls. To add more personality, add a hanging chandelier. Add a big artwork to draw attention from the floors to the walls. Line recessed lights for accent lighting along the artwork.

Floor lamps can also create ambient lighting, not only ceiling lamps can do it. Get a huge, stylish lamp such as one with an arc design. It will serve as a statement design element as well as add ambient lighting. Meanwhile, the ceiling is left white without ornament. This creates an illusion of a taller room. So, this is good if you have a room with shorter ceilings. You can try this in your living room.

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